Our Trees

Trees from The Ancient Olive Tree orchards range in age from 25 to over 100 years old, and are farmed in Corning and Anderson, California, about 150 miles north of San Francisco.

Timeless Pieces of Art

Planted in rows, old growth specimen olive trees highlight a dramatic entry or drive; or they can be used to create a small grove to shade an outdoor kitchen or entertainment space; or integrate our trees into a natural landscape to create a memory of the Tuscan countryside.


Sevillano specimen olive trees are generally grown in commercial groves, and have an oak-like form. The trees can grow to 35 feet in height and perform best in zones 8, 9 11-24.

Because of their unique root system even the oldest of trees can be successfully transplanted. Transplanted olive trees require full irrigation for the first year, but can survive intense heat and extended dry periods.

Specimen trees are most lush when planted in rich soil, but will also flourish in alkaline, rocky environments with little or no fertilizer. Olive trees prefer dry, hot summers but are also quite hearty in coastal regions.*



The majestic old growth olive trees from Ancient Olive Trees' grove are delivered to your home site by a professional, guaranteed transportation system. Delivery charges are based on mileage. Lead times may vary from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the time of year.



Prices for old growth specimen olive trees may range based on the age of the tree and the cost of delivery.


di olivo

In the spirit of Tuscany, the olive tree adds a graceful aesthetic to the finest property. The romance of "di olivo" recalls a tradition of robust food, exquisite wines and time-worn villas. Make a living investment in the finest home, with the silver-green sheen and lush fruit of our old growth olive trees. Create a vision that tells the story of another time, adding beauty and value. Di Olivo. Alla vita dolce!



Are you looking to grow olive trees in your backyard? Ancient Olive Trees is your go-to source where you can find grown olive trees for sale. We have a large selection of olive trees on our orchard. These large trees will be packaged up and delivered to you.
The quality of our trees are the best in the industry. All of our trees are mature and grown and ready to add value to your home and property. Our olive trees not only add value to your home and property, but they offer a sense of history. Every grown olive tree in our orchard is ready to be shipped directly to you.
At Ancient Olive Trees, our commitment to excellence and quality always encourages us to provide you olive trees at the best prices. We always strive to be the first choice for home owners and landscapers. Give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect olive tree for your property.

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